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"I have had the absolute pleasure of working with Marque for over a span of 20 years. His musical genius is without question, incredible! In my career, spanning from Broadway, National Tours, Toronto World Premiers and now Las Vegas, I have had the opportunity to work with the best in the industry, Including Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber and 2-time Academy Award winning composer A.R. Rahman. I can say with full confidence that Marque is among those names. Now living in the U.S, to this day I cannot find anyone who matches Marque's Musical genius!"

- Gabriel Burrafato, Actor, Singer & Voice Coach 

“Marque has an infectious joy that he spreads to everyone with his music. One of his gifts is being able to work with people of all ages and inspire them: to play piano, to sing or to simply enjoy music. Being taught by Marque was a wonderful experience for my son. Marque provided the right mix of technical skills and compassion for my beginner pianist to go from the basics to beyond”

- Amy Wright, Choreographer

“Marque Smith is a musician's musician, asinger's dream and a listener's gift. He's technically brilliant, endlessly musical, and able to adapt to any situation. Whether

conducting, playing the piano, singing or doing all three at once, he is consistently expressive and inspired. Add to this his great heart, spirit, and humanity, and you know why I can't say enough in praise of Marque and the music he brings to life. Marque's musical genius is apparent the moment his fingers touch the keys or his voice breaks into song. He brings excellence to every note whether playing with accomplished peers or young beginners. As masterful at creating and supporting the community as he is at realizing the vast repertoire he performs, he is the soul of generosity with his colleagues, students and audiences. He makes the world a better place, a place blessed with all that music can be.”

- Jocelyn Rasmussen, MMus, founder Meant To Be Heard, LLC

“Marque is a musical godsend. He is a joy to collaborate with and brings passion and sincerity to every performance. His musical diversity allows him to transition easily from jazz to classical, musical theatre to jazz. His reading skills are amazing, but he also improvises with ease. Music is truly Marque's first language!”

- Sonja Gustafson, Jazz & Classical Vocalist

“To play beautiful music effortlessly is not enough for the great ones. The ones whose DNA seems to include something extra that causes them to live above us, the mere mortals. But even in that elite group there are a few that transcend because of their desire to teach. To train us to hear how they hear. To feel what they feel and help us to be comfortable in their musical world. I've met one. And I'm pleased to introduce you to my friend Marque Winston Andre Smith.”

- Marc Trinidad, Comedian

“Marque Smith is a professional in every sense of the word. A singer himself, he understands the demands of the singing performer and is patient and attentive to the singers needs. In my studio I have found him to be supportive of students not only with his talents as a pianist but also with his caring nature as person. These important qualities make him a great asset to singers and teachers alike!”

- Jennie Such, Soprano & Voice Teacher

"Marque Smith is one of the most professional musicians I have ever worked with in my life. He combines excellent musicianship with a positive and fun attitude. His goal is to get the best from all the musicians he creates music with, no matter what their training or experience. Just a joy to work with."

- George Laidlaw, Retired Music Teacher, Saxophonist,Clarinetist & Flutist

"Marque is a skilled accompanist. He is very musical and a giving musician. He takes the time to work with students, and adjust his style to suit the performers needs. He is able to take direction and build a rapport with the singer. His positive attitude makes him a joy to work with. I highly recommend Marque."

- Jennifer Fagan, Voice teacher & Vocalist

"As"Aside from his versatility and brilliance as a musician, Marque Smith is a passionate teacher, filled with exuberance and a drive to inspire others toward high artistic and personal goals. He is alive and fully in the moment, and always brings positive energy into the room. When Marque commits, you can trust him; he always comes through with flying colours, and elevates the game for everyone. The great thing about Marque Smith is that he brings a vibrant, caring personality along with his highly professional musical skills, so that you not only learn music from him, but learn to love music...and life. Part of the joy of working with Marque is that he does not have a narrow vision of music, but loves the best in all forms and genres, making him perfect for everyone from the youngest struggling novice to the practiced professional. In a way, Marque is both the musical instrument and also the person playing it. Whole."

- Art Fidler, Retired Drama Teacher, Actor & Former Artist Director of Original Kids Theatre Company

"Marque’s flexibility with the various genres of music is an excellent asset to all who work with him. He is most accommodating and supportive in his collaborations with students as well as professionals. A sincere and loyal artist. "

- Gloria Gassi, Soprano & Voice Teacher

"Several years back I had a weekend jazz gig at Statler's Piano Bar here in Toronto. The place was packed, and I waited and waited for my regular accompanist to show up, which he never did (he had booked the wrong weekend!) so I stalled and finally told the audience there would be no show that evening. Marque introduced himself to me as an accompanist and wonderfully offered to play for me... so we did my show (using lead-sheets) and we had a blast! His musicality and sense of fun saved the night for myself and the audience. I am ever grateful to him, and happy we got to be friends as well. "

- Vincent Wolfe, Jazz Cabaret & Big Band Vocalist

"Marque Smith is a consummate professional in all ways. From an audience perspective he is warm, welcoming and humorous in the most charming way, never ever “phoning in” a performance, but always giving 100%. From a musician’s perspective he is a joy to work with, always prompt, easy-going, and respectful ... an accompanist of the highest calibre."

- Joe Edmonds, Saxophonist, Clarinetist & Flutist

"Making music with Marque is always a joyful and collaborative experience, making him my go to accompanist in London for coachings, concerts and all things musical. He is an incredibly generous, professional and accommodating musician, mentor and friend."

- Jonathan Gysbers, Actor, Vocalist & Dancer

"Marque is an exceptional pianist who's truly gifted not only in playing but also in how he accompanies an artist by watching and listening. Beautiful spirit inside and out!"

- Quisha Wint, Vocalist, Performer, Arranger & Songwriter 

"Marque is great with young people. One of his students worked on a show with me and was poised, professional and sang beautifully. This was a testament to his skills as a coach."

- Alana Bridgewater, Vocalist & Actress

"A musician of high standards and a coach of generous spirit!"

- Robert Cooper, Former Artistic Director of The Toronto Mendelssohn Youth Choir & Artistic Director of The Orpheus Choir of Toronto, Chorus Niagara & Opera in Concert Chorus